Theology of the Mittens

December 5, 2007Pastor Nancy No Comments »

Every winter I go out in search of the perfect pair of gloves.  My hands never seem to stay warm in the winter and when my hands or feet are cold, I’m COLD!  Well, it happened again.  I was shopping in a local grocery store when I found a pair of gloves made out of a fuzzy material that looked really warm.  I tried them on.  They fit my big hands!  I bought them.  One day they were in the car when it was starting to get cold out.  I put them on and my hands were warm even though the gloves had been out in the cold car.  I thought – I’ve found it!  I’ve found the perfect pair of gloves.
Then it got colder out.  Well, the new black gloves kept my hands from freezing, but I couldn’t say my hands were really warm.
This morning I was getting my coat out of the closet and evaluating choices of gloves from previous years.  Then I found them – the big bulky mittens.  They’re bright red and they don’t go with any of my coats.  I got them out of the closet and put them on.  I drove to work.  My hands stayed warm the whole way.  I was a happy and warm person.
And then I thought about the theology of the mittens.  You see, when my fingers could stay together and not be out of community with each other, they stayed warm – and I stayed happy.  Isn’t that the way it is with us?  If we can stay in community with one another – even through the cold winter days of our lives (not necessarily December, January, and February), our warmth toward each other supports the overall well being of our Faith Family.  When the hardest and coldest moments of life come, we need each other.
See you in church!
Pastor Nancy

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