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Those were words a Grandma uttered on the elevator of the Stark County Office Building in downtown Canton last week.  My guess is that she had been to Juvenile Court where a grandchild had been in trouble.  She was allowed no physical contact with her grandchild that day and her heart was broken.  Think about not being allowed to touch your grandchild (or your grandparent).

What a contrast to what I see on Sunday mornings at Church of the Lakes where there are handshakes, high fives, and hugs that permeate the building.  We are physically touched by others, spiritually touched by our Lord and Savior, and socially touched by friendships new and old.


Let’s come to worship this Sunday anticipating the touch of other humans and expecting a touch from Jesus.

“He touched me, O He touched me

And O the joy that floods my soul

Something happened and now I know

He touched me and made me whole.”

In Christ’s love,

Pastor Nancy

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