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January 28, 2008Pastor Nancy No Comments »

Youth are on my mind.  The youth of Church of the Lakes led worship on the first Sunday of January.  I was amazed at the depth of spirituality and the vulnerability that they were willing to share.  Then over Martin Luther King Jr. weekend, I was part of the team for a Chrysalis flight which is a retreat weekend for youth.  Over the weekend five girls gave talks on specific subjects.  Someone said to me this morning that we live in such a world, that our young people have to learn to think deeply.
Our future is in good hands!  I have been very impressed with all these young people.
I want to encourage you to get to know a teenager better.  If your kids are out of the house, look for one in the neighborhood or talk to one at church.  If your kids are little, talk to a teenager and find out what you have to look forward to.  If you’re a grandparent, maybe it’s time to get a more involved in your teenage grandchildren’s lives.  If they’re in town, make an appointment to see them – or take them out for dinner.  If they’re out of town, send more emails and notes to let them know you care.  Find ways to encourage them.  Teenagers need adults who are NOT their parents to befriend them and encourage them.  If you don’t have children, find a teenager and get to know them.  If you don’t know any, let me know and I’ll connect you with our youth director Cara who can give you a name or email address.
Relationships with others is an important part of our lives.  Give a young person a chance to prove to you that they have something to offer to you and you have something to offer to them.
In His service,
Pastor Nancy
Chrysalis is a teenage version of Walk to Emmaus which is for adults.  They are both 72 hour retreats, the purpose of which is to develop leadership in the church.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about and would like to, let me know.  I’ll be glad to explain more.

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