Blessings of Teenagers

October 31, 2009Pastor Nancy No Comments »

Disclaimer:  Keep in mind that our kids are past the teenage years, so we don’t daily live with the joys and sorrows of teenagers.  Therefore I can thoroughly enjoy from the outside!

WOW –  Thursday night/Friday morning – teenagers – WOW

Thursday night was an event called “Expressions” at Indian River Juvenile Correctional Facility.  The youth who are incarcerated put on a program for guests.  The guests were volunteers from their faith-based programs.  We recognized many of the performing youths from Epiphany weekends in the facility.  What a treat!  These young men offered prayers, poems, mime, and step-team gifts to us.  One of the young men who is a body builder offered poetry – and one of his poems was on unforgiveness and what that can do to us.  Another young man had clown make-up on and he did a mime to “I Can Only Imagine”.  Good thing I didn’t have make-up on or the tears would have ruined it!  When I talked with him afterwards, he said that some of the guys make fun of him for what he does, but he doesn’t care because he does it all for Jesus.  Hugs and joy and love were exchanged in this state run correctional facility all because of the love of Christ!  WOW.

Friday morning I was privileged to represent Church of the Lakes at a chapel assembly at Heritage Christian School.  The youth offered praises through songs.  Then they sang a short chorus about the promises of God.  Staff and teens alike were invited to come to the microphone and share about God’s promises in their lives.  As the kids acknowledged the struggles in their lives, they also gave praise to God and quoted scriptures which spoke of God’s promises.  Such spiritual maturity was a joy to see.

When you see a teenager at church or in your neighborhood, share a hug with them and assure them that they are loved – by you and by our loving Lord.

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