– Religious expression takes a turn during, after 9/11

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Click to read the rest of the article by Charita Goshay in the Canton Repository. – Religious expression takes a turn during, after 9/11.

The Rev. Nancy Conley, pastor of Peace United Methodist Church in Louisville, likens the sudden turning to faith in time of crisis to taking an aspirin.

“Because I have a heart issue, I take an aspirin every day,” she said. “Others take an aspirin when they have a fever or pain but don’t do it on a daily basis. That’s appropriate. But when it comes to God, many try using God like an aspirin for a hurt in life but fail to develop the daily relationship, which will help them get through all parts of life — both the joys and sorrows.

“People who showed up the first Sunday after Sept. 11, 2001 were looking for some sort of pain-killer, for some sort of explanation that would make sense in their world view. They were seeking a peace and comfort that only comes from God, but when the dust settled, they went back to their normal Sunday morning activities.”

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